New Offices!

We are putting in new offices here at IntriG of Ohio Inc! They're going to be wonderful... I'll have a window in my office! That is a pleasure! Plus we have a wonderful contractor here. He just happens to be really talented, sweet, and even takes me to lunch. This said carpender is my hubby, I love having him here.
Anyways, back to the point! I need ideas. I am loosly in charge (hehe) for some of the design. We have the general layout, but I am in search of a small fridge, bathroom vanity, lighting, waiting chairs, colors, etc. So if anyone has any ideas or knows of some good deals, please let me know! Thanks for any help. I do more shabby chic vintage home decor, NOT classic office decor!


These are a few of my Favorite Things!

There is nothing that can make me happier than having the peace of knowing that I am loved no matter my mistakes. My Father shows this best and my hubby does quite a fabulous job of it as well. I am so blessed.

There are, though, things out there that just put a little smile on my face. Let me take some of your precious time to share them with you. I hope I can make you smile at least once throughout this post! Please leave a comment with some of our like favorites!

Finally surrending trials to the One who knows best.

Fresh strawberries, and all other fresh fruits and veggies.

Being caught up on laundry, cleaning, etc.

Pearls Before Swine


Old scales. Really, all things vintage.
I've been collecting red vintage kitchen utensils.


Ice water in a metal cup

Hand-written letters

SherwinWilliams paint samples

Hug from Momma
Piggy Bank, specifically I like the expression on this one!

When my hubby makes me laugh

Nail polish and freshly painted nails.

Day off work

Winning a givewaway

Birds. (I have at least one cage or picture of birds or SOMETHING related to birds in EVERY room of the house! I mean I LOVE 'em!)

Flea Markets

Victorian pieces and decor

Following a new blog

Vintage Postcards.

Date nights with the love of my life

Being still and knowing that He alone is God.

Coffee, Bible, PJs, oatmeal, and a free morning, all together

Girls Night Outs.

Somerset, KY

Recieving pretty little roses from hubby in my favorite shot glass from McMaster and Storm.

Restful night of sleep

Recieving vintage spice jars from my wonderful mother

I sure do hope you can find simply joys in your day!
GOD bless...

I'm A Winner!

Guess What?! I just won a giveaway! As I mentioned a couple posts ago, the lovely lady from Six in one Hand... Madness in the Other was giving this darling wall clock away. When I first saw it I decided to enter, not only because it's darling, but also we only recieved ONE wall clock for our wedding, and we have a large house, in need of more clocks! But I never win giveaways, not even the cheapie door-prizes. Sometimes I'll enter into giveaways or door prizes simply because I'm so desperate to win something! So I entered, and WON, and it's even one that I REALLY wanted! I'm so happy right now!

Go check out her blog...
It is absolutely darling! :)


What a Weekend!

So, on my last post I said something about having a bite and it swelling up my face. It started coming around Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, hubby and I woke up and he had it on his eye and it had spread and swollen on me, so we went to the Pharmacy to see it they could recommend anything (saves money by not going to doc!) She thought it was a bite, but we wondered since he had it as well. I stayed home from work Thursday and it got worse. By Friday morning, it had spread. One eye was swollen shut and the other was close! I called mom and she met me at Hometown Urgent Care in Troy. The nurse said it was some sort of plant irritation and gave me a prednisone shot in the "hip" and a prescription. I was feeling better and swelling had gone down some, so I went ahead and met all the Wagoner girls (my Mom's side of the family) for lunch and went to Extravaganza Flea Market with them all for the day. I was feeling so much better. Anyways, here's some finds I got!
I spotted this little wagon for hulling around our stuff! My first thought was "Hey! There's a piece of junk! I could get it for dirt cheap and not have to carry my finds all day." The vendor saw me looking at it and offered $20. I didn't want to spend that much on a "tote" so I was going to give it up. But then it hit me how cute it would be planted. So I offered $15 and got it! I brought it home and hubby liked it and even planted it for me the next morning!

I've wanted vintage, dress-up hats and gloves forever. My Aunt Judy always had rooms full of hats, purses, gloves, clip on earrings, dresses, shawls, the whole thing, you know! Me and my cousins would always dress up and have tea parties. I love that sort of thing! Well, now that I gained 9 nieces in January (the joys of marrying into a large family) I decided I really needed some. I found some gloves while shopping at Ally Cat Chic with Aunt Judy about a month ago and found these Friday for $10 (yes, total!)

This little book caught my eye. I love music, and enjoy reading music more that a book! I looked on the back and it had a $.25 marker on the back, therefore, I got it!

This little rake and shovel I found in a primitive booth, which isn't exactly my style, but I was waiting on my cousin. I thought they were cute, but wasn't expecting to get them. I asked the vendor what she wanted for them and she told me she'd take $.50. Therefore, I got them too! :)

I have bangs. They're new and annoying. So I was on the lookout for cute bobby pins and barrettes. I saw the bobby pin and kept looking. Then I saw the pin. I adore skeleton keys. Our front door is a skeleton key lock and I smile every time I lock or unlock it, literally! I have never had so much fun unlocking doors in my LIFE! Then the ring, well I just like it. I got them all for a total of $2!
That's all i got at Extravaganza. We left at the latest possible! I came home to THIS on the table!

I love my Hubby, and he does a quite wonderful job of showing his love for me!

This gift may seem random to the naked eye, but when you look through my eyes, it's the best! I quite love pineapple; in fact it's my favorite fruit. And as for the wine, well who doesn't like it? (It even had the word vintage on the bottle, which is part of the reason he bought it for me) I also like western romances... so this was perfect! My Hubby so gets me, which is amazing, because most people don't really!

He also made grilled steak and pototoes. The table was all set nicely, outside!:)

Mmmm... it was so good! Then we walked to the park and saw some friends, so they came over for the evening! I love friends!

Saturday the rash had gotten worse. It spread even farther around. I had never had it so badly and I didn't know what to do with myself. But Hubby made it better. He had gotten a few things for me the day before! He found this darling thing at Wertz hardware! He also bought me all this fruit while he went GROCERY SHOPPING for me!

He found 4 of these at his mom's that we're going to one day refinish... hold me to that!:)

THIS! I had been looking at these all day at Extravaganza, but never got one. He found this at his Mom's as well! Any ideas on what to use this for, I just love them, but don't really have ideas! I did think about bath towels, but I already have them in a newer painted metal basket. :)

My Mom always had her grandmothers wash tub to hold blankets in. I had always wanted it, and actually asked Mom for it on Friday... she didn't want to give it up yet! But that's fine, because Hubby got me one! He really is the best, I'm being quite honest and frank with ya!



This past weekend I took my honey to Daniel Boone Forest to go backpacking. It was gorgous. It's amazing to go in the spring and see all the new life in the woods. I've always went in January, so we would see snow!

The variety was amazing. The small delacate plants, compared to the magnificant, unwaivering Natural Bridge.

It remided me of the family of God, we're all so different from one another, yet all show off the glory of God.

Things were just beginging the new life for the season, all new and little and delicate. Relying so much on the Father to give sun and water.

There were also some mighty beast!:)

And the boy-beast!

We didnt' rough it too much! We packing in eggs, pototoes and sausages for suppers and breakfasts.

The big bad beast love each other!

Yes, we even pack in the tripod... and broke it!

By Sunday afternoon I was getting tired. :) I need to get in shape!

My hubby is a wonderful photographer. :) I love the above photo!

It was all so gorgeous, I love the reminders of the Father! Reminding me that He alone is God. The reminder that He is the sustainer of ALL life, the reminder that he takes care of the sparrow and flowers, he most definately provides for us. The reminder of what a simple life is, what spending all day with the Father is, how it feels when we rush to nowwhere, but instead simply walk with Him through the woods.
And of course the reminder of the curse. The reminder that we do get bites that swell our faces. The reminder that one day... one day we will have perfect bodies, dwelling with him, needing nothing more than to glorify our Creator.
The reminder that he blessed J.R. Watkins with an intellegent mind that helps us with those bites... there's nothing like rubbing thick, stinky, shiny drawing salve all over your face to remind you of the curse! Thank you, Father for the valuable lessons!

Promises Finally Fulfilled

There's a few things I promised and am just now getting to! Sorry about the delay! I have other photos I wanted to share all mixed in! Sorry if I'm hard to follow!
1. Photo of the old farmhouse!

Our grapes are blooming... mmm... I can't wait for fresh grapes to be my afternoon snack! But for now I'll have to settle for chocolate ice-cream!

There's a nice garden center right on the other side of our driveway.
2. Photos the the cabinet Levi refinished:
So here it is! What do you think? We painted it, sanded it down a bit, and put an aging varnish on it. The red knobs and black pulls are from Hobby Lobby.
This bird-bath is from a little store in Waynesville. We found it for a cheap price of only $29. I was so excited... This, however, is the root cause of messy floors at Levi's BBQ/birthday party. It sits in my kitchen full of candy the muddy children kept getting.
There was one little boy here who came inside while I was in there and said, "O my goodness, look at your floors!! Ummm... where is the candy everyone keeps getting?" I told him where they where and he replied, "Do you mind!" I told him I didn't mind, he could have some. He looks up at me and compassionatly said, "No, I mean your floors." I reassured him that I have a mop and I would clean it the following day. Still feeling compassionate he let me know,"Ok, good, because it's REALLY BAD." He's about 9 I would say, with a VERY polite momma, who must pass it on!

This bench was Shelly Hess'. She had a couple more that were selling for $47 at the Haiti auction. I told her I liked them but didn't want to spend the money. She let me know she had one more that I could have. Thanks to Shelly, I know have a darling bench for my front porch.!
3. Some of my scrapbooking pages:

Just don't ask about the whole widower hunting page! :)

4. Grilled Vinegar Chicken Recipie
1 Pt Vinegar 1 Pt Water
2 T Salt 1/2 lb Butter
Boil all ingredients in order to mix together. Marinate 8-10 Chicken breast 1/2 hr before grilling. Baste sauce on chicken while grilling. Reboil sause to use a dipping sause one chicken is finished. This is the best grilled chicken I've had, thanks, Mom Bowman for the recipie!