Off to Haiti

Well, it's off to our beloved Haiti in the morning.
{Well, after stopping in at Flordia to spend the weekend with my grandparents.}

{Photos taken April 2010 trip}


Flordia {#two}

Mom Bowman came down and spent a couple weekends and a week with us.
It was so fun to see her!
Day #3
{the reason I don't have many photos during the week is because Levi was at work and I was mostly either scrapbooking or swimming... it was rough, I tell ya!}




{Early America}


{WINNIE AND TIGGER... my personal favorate of ALL the characters!}

Day #4
Animal Kingdom


{Mickey... it all started with a mouse"}


And that's our Florida experience!

Sorry I wasn't too talkative tonigh... Getting pretty tired.

Sleep well... I'll be in touch in a few weeks, when we get back from Haiti!

Flordia {#one}

Hello, Hello!
It's been a while!
No, I didn't disappear from the face of the earth... I only disappeared from the ice storms of Ohio, for a few weeks!

Levi got a 3 week job offer in Florida... and we took it...

And all the benefits.

Such as a pool in our back yard.

And the pet friendliness of the area.

{Belle's coat was handmade by Mom Bowman. Don'tcha LOVE it?!}

Well, first thing is first. We stopped at a fresh fruit stand and loaded up! It was operated by an older gentleman named Curtis... he was the greatest.

We spent our weekends at the Disney parks, since we were about 5 miles from them. We got cheap tickets by going to a timeshare presentation. {Remind me to NEVER do THAT again...}
Day #1
Magical Kingdom... "Have a magical day!"

{It's a small world after all... it's a small world after all...}

Day #2
Hollywood Studios
{The shed Miley painted in "Hannah Montana, The Movie"}

{special effects tour"}

{The love bug}

They had a lot of actual props at this park. So it only made sense to ask if these were the actual props for "Cars". Well, it made sense until the lady reminded me it was animated. Let's just say Levi didn't let me forget that one!

That was our first week and weekend... I'll get the next week and weekend up soon!!!


1 Year Anniversary!!!

It's been just over a month now, but January 10, 2011... Happy Anniversary, honey!!

He made me a table... yes, a farm table!

The top is made from an old barn door and legs and benches

are from old wood with wonderful patina!

Let me just say "He's wonderful!"

Thanks, Levi!!!!!!