I'm Dreaming... of Christmas

Yes, a white one even.
And if the all-knowing Creator decides a little white is not right for this year, it will be OK!
But my home's inside shall be decked with some festives!

This year I had an unimaginable list of decorations to make (Thank you, Pinterest!)
I did accomplish a couple things like the stockings and reindeer canvas.

{The REASON for this lovely season}

Hanging Christmas cards to see them all season long.

{Vintage sheep, card, tree}

And our Christmas tree. {How do you take good photos of then anyways?}
I was a little disappointed we didn't have time to decorate our tree this year. My dear Husband knew of this disappointment and I knew he knew. 
One day I got home from my {wonderful} job {that I haven't blogged about yet (notice I didn't say "Haven't told you about" because I'm sure if we've talked at all you know about it!{this is called major rabbit-trailing.})}
Where was I? Ah, yes, I got home from my {wonderful} job and the tree was beautifully decorated. He had picked up lights. ornaments, and tassel and spun them around our "tree".
This year we have a decorated tree!

With an array of "brown paper packages tied up with string"... and ribbon!

And, one last thing, our Hot Chocolate/ Chia Tea bar. This is truly used daily!

I much love decorating.
I love even more giving gifts to my most loved.
I love even more getting together with family.
I love even most celebrating the One Jesus, the Lord of my heart.

What is your favorite part of the season?


  1. I think good quality family time---especially if I don't eat too much. A lot more comfortable then. :P Pretty decorations...
    I am making stockings tomorrow! 12/21---never too late for stockings.

    So sweet of L to decorate the tree for you!

    1. FYI: I ate too much today but had some great family time! And yes, he is a sweet one!


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